Bones’ Tales: The Manor Version 0.12


Bones' Tales: The Manor

Bones' Tales: The Manor

Bones’ Tales: The Manor – You play as David (Or wathever name you choose) a boy who haven’t seen his mother and sisters in two years.
After the divorce of his parents, he stayed with his father in the city, now, his mother invited him to spend his vacations in a old house that she inherited from a dead relative. Hoping she could amend the years and the distance that separated them. Soon he will discover that this house has a buried secret that will change the way he feels about his family.

Now, this has ONLY the holiday events, that is: “Christmas Event”; “Mother’s Day Event” and “Easter event”. This events are meant to be progressive, so to trigger the first one (Christmas) you will need FIRST to replay the Halloween Event (simply activate the pumpkin and go straight to bed once you are inside). Being this special events, They are meant to be found, same as Halloween, they are activated by an item (like the Pumkin). After replaying the Halloween event you can search for the next event around the house, keep in mind that they appear at a special time, they are not always there (like, again, the Pumpkin) If you don’t want to explore, I will post the locations below under a spoiler, if you don’t want to spoil yourselves, don’t read the next: Christmas: Attic / Morning Mother’s Day: Martha’s bedroom / Evening Easter: MC bedroom / Morning (you can’t miss this one).

Developer: Dr Bones
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.12
Censored: No
Size: 380 mb

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