Family Fun Version 0.9 —


Family Fun

You are a schoolboy who lives at home with his parents and two sisters. After your first day at school,
you notice drastic changes in your behaviour and that of those around you.
Are these just natural events or does something else cause these
changes in your environment? It is up to you to find out.?

-New “journal” option: it will show progress on the story and help you out in the intro, also the journal contains information about the girls (for now only the main 3). It tells you which event will increase your relationship, but it won’t show all events. It seems to work fine, but it appears to lag sometimes in certain circumstances. Let me know if it works for you.
-Intro is now easier: arrows will show you the way + the journal contains a questguide that tells you what to do next to finish the intro also removed options that were grey, due to confusion
-Sophie can be dragged into an empty classroom after school(2+ Hearts needed to start the event)
-Random school events: when the class begins, there is a chance for a random event to occur (currently only 1 event). Depending on the options you choose you can now end up in detention that way.
-Removed homework: you can no longer do homework and therefore not doing homework wont get you in detention. Detention now accessible with random events
-New classmate: Eva no real content right now. I added her so the class wouldn’t be so empty she will get a custom model and more content soon
-Various little changes/bugfixes

Developer: Bob the Creator
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Family Fun Version: 0.9
Censored: No
Size: 825 mb

Download game: