Fairy Revenge Version 0.02 [Happy Pillow]

Fairy Revenge
Fairy Revenge

Fairy Revenge: Help out one little pissed fairy with her revenge on the powerful mistress who owns the area you found yourself in. You will play as a female and lucky for you, in this world the female juices has special power of resurrecting defeated creatures. Simply masturbate and squirt on top of defeated monster, they will then be loyal to you and help you in fight.
During the gameplay you will experience 3D lewd scenes with monsters and other characters after triggering events.

– Ability to ride and control bigger monsters.
– New UI.
– Mini guide pop-up.
– Object and monster highlight.
– Ability to order minions to stay, follow or attack and enemy. (press Q to toggle stay/follow for all, hold Q while aiming at specific minion to order only him, and press E while aiming at an enemy for attack)
– Watermelon monster.

Platform: Windows
Language: English
Censored: No
Size: 430 mb

Download game: