Factions: Crystals of Control Demo v0.2



The first Anaxverse game is a “match three” game where one matches colored gems. These, in turn, will grant the character power. Once the correct requirements are met, the player can unleash the power as an attack on their enemy. The key is to keep your resistance above zero while bringing your opponents to nothing. However, those with skill will want to meet the criteria needed to convert the enemy into one of your own minions! For example, if one is playing as the succubus Dionyza and they manage to get the opponent to gain two “seduced” debuffs, and then manage to break the right gems, they can cast Lillith’s Love which would defeat the foe. What would follow is a conversion/transformation scene where the player’s character uses their powers to warp the enemy into their own ilk.?

Censorship: No
Version: Demo v0.2
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 64 MB

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