Naruto: Eternal Tsukuyomi Version 0.11


Eternal Tsukuyomi

The game will have more than 50 characters with whom you can meet and chat, for which you can play. In addition, as the game develops, polls will be conducted and characters that the public wants will be introduced. More than 30 unique locations, a map of the shinobi world, where you can visit any part of it. You can literally get around the entire shinobi world! But we are not limited to the usual life of the shinobi, with its difficulties and dangers, our game will slightly open its other side, more sweet and forbidden!?

– Added the ability to play as Kakashi
– Added a new character to recruit to the Naruto team
– Added a new character to recruit to the Saukura team
– Added a new character to recruit to Sasuke’s team
– Changed the easy mode ( for a place of 2000 Ryo is given 750, characters are given depending on the main character )
– Added 18 + stage-Sakura + Kakashi
– Added 18 + scene-Obito + Rin
– Added 18 + scene-Naruto + Hinata
– Added 18 + scene-Ino + Sakura
– Added 18 + scene-Kakashi + guy ( Gay content with warning )
– Added 18 + scene-Kushina + Kakashi
– Added the ability to spy on sources for the hero Kakashi-5 scenes ( Anko, Hinata, Ino, Rin, Sakura )
– Added a new location-polygon ( for the hero Kakashi )
– Added a mini – game-throwing kunai
– Added a mini – game-Jaken
– Added a quest-Oh, this guy
– Added a quest to Deal with spies
– Added a quest photo Album
– Added a Cleaning quest
– During the battle, you can now put a maximum of 4 ninjas.
– Fixed the balance of the combat system (enemies in some areas were simplified )
– Increased rewards for fighting in the vicinity of Konoha
– And much more…
– as well as fixed and added new bugs..

Developer: Kiobe
Platform: Windows, Linux
Language: English, Russian
Eternal Tsukuyomi Version: 0.11
Censored: No
Size: 510 mb

Download game: