Erotic Trap Dungeon


Elf girl Elmia wakes up to find herself on top of an unfamiliar tower!?
She must make her way down the stairs to return to her village but…
The tower is choc-a-block full of erotic traps and lewd monsters!

Extra Info:
Can Elmia escape from the tower safely…? You be the judge!
– random dungeon rendering
– can use items without opening the menu
– can power up your equipment
– can dye her hair, tan her body and other cosmetic features
– plenty of monsters and interspecial xxx (orcs, tentacles, slimes!
– urine gauge… if it fills up then…
– 15 different erotic status effects
– 31 different erotic traps and events

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 456 MB

Download game: