EraStorm Ep. 2 – SnowStorm (0.1.0)



Far in the North, surrounded by lakes, mountains, and forests, three clans are coexisting in the strange village of Njardarheimr: the Hvitr Ulfr (White Wolves), the Myrk Hrafn (Dark Ravens), and the Bloba Bjorn (Bloody Bears).
Those clans are so different, nothing seems to bring them together, but when facing greater danger, they become the mighty Vikings.
This epic adventure in the Northern lands will let you explore the ancient Norse mysteries, make important decisions, fight for your survival and meet a lot of beautiful girls. Whatever the path you choose, only the most determined survive.


This version is the complete start of SnowStorm with additional events to discover more about the characters, clans, gameplay, and lore.
Warning: While the saves from the demo might work (depending on where you saved), it is highly recommended to restart a new playthrough, or you might miss important content and gameplay features. >>

Replay room added
Treasure chest room added with 10 secrets
Fixed a few typos and grammar mistakes
Reworked a few scenes for better immersion


Developer: GleenX Studio
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.0
Language: English
File size: 1280 mb

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