Elf Jail r3.2


Elf JailElf Jail

Elf JailElf Jail

Elf JailElf Jail

In Elf Jail you play as a captured elf attempting to escape from the bizarre BDSM prison she’s been thrown into.

-Fixed bug for linux builds related to ‘undefined is not a function’
-Modified control scheme. Can now click above foreground doors to go through them
-Fixed soft-lock if tire Ally out after getting master key

-Fixed bug preventing obtaining another flask if you drop yours.
-Fixed bug where removing futa wouldn’t change your sprite back.
-Fixed bug where stealing Karla’s hat while wearing Nellie’s loses it.
-Made guard also capable of fighting off Nellie when she attempts to bind you
-Fixed bug where Nellie’s x-frame bindings don’t show
-Allow playing with Ally instead of auto-freeing her when have master key.
-Allow stripping Ally’s clothes during play
-Allow stripping Nellie’s clothes during play

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Size 390 Mb

Download game: