Dungeon Slaves Version 0.53


Dungeon Slaves

Dungeon Slaves

In this world full of magic, you play as Amy, an elvish maid. After an orc raid on your village, it’s your quest to deliver the girls that were taken away before they end up as sex slave. Make potions, deepen your relations with the village inhabitant, fight the monster in your way, and pay the sex price for losing to them. Or maybe it’s just what you really want
– Add Intro
– Creation of the legendary potion with Sally
– Oracle small vision
– New fun Pam event (with the Witch & Amy) when you visit her ( Random – )
– move the defeat scene in escape menu
– Rebuild a little the fight menu
– Amy can transform (Animation) to the new super form ( with new attack & new stats )
– Amy can have Sex with brenna and another friends is elf palace ( Futa exclu )
– Orc Village (start quest) !!!!

Developer/Publisher: Adn700
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.53
Censored: No
Size: 1500 mb

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