Drunk NesCafe New Path New Vers 009B Win


Drunk NesCafe New Path New Vers 009B Win

0.09B New:
Game changes:

Changelog 0.09B
· Changed all of the icon in Status menu

· Spirit for: Mother, Father, Brian, Perry, Mr. Forman and the boss are changed.

· Added item: Beer, glass of wine and bottle of wine.

· Added face icon to the quest log for NPC

· Added Icon for kindergarten work in status and counter.

· Fixing icons for the quest log. (Brian quest will show his head)

· Added fitness bonus as you walk on the map. Capt at 20 speed.

· Counter for speed variable added, with the speed up on maps.

· Added new music to: Menu, intro, Village home and forest.

· Think about anal is lowered from 50 corruption to 40.

· Added new PC icon for when Brother is not using the PC.


· “Think about Perry” evets fix.

· Fix a bug with the trash delivery system when Brian is working. It will now force the player to deliver 5 trash to the mine entrance before you can switch to Suzie every time.

· Take of panties will no work as intended (after harbor event)

· Small value changes for the “Girls first store” (cloth store)

· Take of bikini top will no work as intended (after harbor event)


Added Event:

· Rendering event with Suzie (Bathroom, yoga and running)

· Questline to open and use the Yoga (100) done

· Meditation. (in old gym) + exposed.

· Shower/bath with Elena (Think about Sexual)

· Running with Elena.

· Bar event, you can now buy alcohol and play beer pong with Todd.
Changelog 0.08D

· Moved 1 trash bin (brother cleaning forest) (parallax map was hiding it)

· Added a chest close to the player’s home. This is an item fix for the “Perry store is closed. Player ashamed and will not enter” DON’T USE THIS IF YOU DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM. If you use this early on it will make your game unplayable (main story line)

· All of the correct stats are in place, so new players don’t get the error above.

· Reading book “life guard book”, picture now will get removed as it should.

· Beach, fix tan without top/topless wet.

· Rain inside House after harbor scene.

· Remove “Life guard book” after course is finished.

· Fix images issue at the PC

0.08C Bug fix.

· Bus route from beach.

· Stat error on playing basketball fix.

· Stat error on watching basketball fix.

· Jogging with Brian fix (again, forgot to remove one line)

· Fix some bugs on the beach. (C event take of bikini top, smaller events)

· Item Umbrella now in Perry’s store and works correctly (For dose that having trouble with the weather)

· If you can’t enter Perry’s store after getting brain the job. Talk to Brian added a line of code to open the store as normal.

· Fixed the worst bug of «Now loading» when switching to brother.

· Bug with brother on computer

· Fix all small images for every outfit.

· Cloth store event are now fixed.

· When reading life guard book, the image will now get away.

· Will now get certification as a lifeguard.

· Fixed weather effect in places it should be. (inside)

· Towel now work correctly.

· Removing hunting gear from wardrobe.

· Fix small images over masturbate image in bathroom.

· Running in forest is fixed.

Size 1000 MB