Dimensions VIP Version 0.4.0


Dimensions VIP

Dimensions VIP is an adult brothel management game with a heavy focus on storytelling, kinky sex, and inter-dimensional adventures.

Dimensions VIP is a free-to-play (with a focus on free) brothel management game set in a world where multi-dimensional travel is possible. You play as the protagonist trying to discover the mystery of amulets that allow for moving between different dimensions where reality can be very different from our own.

The game is heavily story-driven with management and character development aspects to drive the story and unlock content. There are dozens of girls, multiple dimensions, hundreds of scenes, images, and stories, with weeks and months of gameplay, even for the most avid player.

As a manager of the Dimensions VIP brothel, you need to ensure that you train the girls in sexual activities, give them items and experience they need to advance their careers, while at the same time balancing the finances and development of your house of pleasure.

Then, you need to make sure you uncover the secrets to the dimension amulets before it is too late…

Cross into dimensions where Aztecs still rule and sacrifice girls on the altars of fertility (don’t worry, they worship life, not death), explore a world where men have been all but wiped out and women are horny due to a biological war, fight off Nazis in a reality where the Germans prevailed in World War II, and that’s just the first three dimensions.

Developer: Mobsoft Funstuff Inc
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.4.0
Censored: No
Size: 204 mb

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