Cyber Rift Version 0.6.1


Cyber Rift

Cyber Rift

You are the main character, a young adventurer type who decides to take your ambitions upward (literally) and travel into space in search of a long lost treasure. Your journey will take you across the universe in search of any clues that might bring you one step closer to that prize. Traveling the galaxy is no easy task alone, but you will meet many interesting people (and sexy girls) along the way. Your first encounter along the way is with your new traveling companion, Everie. She is a humanoid automaton left for dead on a derelict junk planet to be destroyed, but you find her before that can happen. She joins your crew and quickly becomes more than just a crewmate, and she’ll help you do whatever (or whomever) it takes to help you in your journey

-Intro to the main story
-Three characters (Junky, Everie, and Elsie)
-Two Planets (Jukarya and Cyberia)
-Two fully animated H Scenes
-Over 20 CGs and Backgrounds

Developer: Cyber Owl Games
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Cyber Rift Version: 0.6.1
Censored: No
Size: 228 mb

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