Castlecry v0.15.5 [The Open Project Games]



The year is 1068 C.E. and Europe is a broil of wars for power. This all seems familiar but also different. History has been the same as you know up to this point, but there is some slight deviation for this isn’t the world you know. This happens to be a split of the course of time. In this Parallel Universe the values of the people are different then the Chivalry and Piety of the high medieval age you know of. Emphasis has been placed on Rape, Breeding, and most of all Slavery. Majority of the world is based off this idea of Slavery and Breeding to make more slaves. Sometimes whole villages and Castles are based off a slave population.
-Rewritten 15 events
-Bug fixes

Censorship: None/Uncensored
Version: 0.155
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 196 MB

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