Brothel King Version 0.15 [Goldo]


Brothel King is another take on Sim Brothel and gets some inspiration from other games, such as Slave maker. It’s made with Ren’py, my objectives being to make a fun game with a clean UI, good art and a full back story (which isn’t yet developed).?

New version with much improved performance on all screens, and a smaller download size to boot!
New features:
– Added Stella as a trainer with a significant boost to the Farm (but you need to unlock her latest event first)
– Changed the leveling system, some tweaks I had in mind for a while:
Girls now get 1 perk point per level
Unlocking a perk tree now costs 2 perk points
To compensate, girls get 1 extra perk points every five levels
Stat upgrade points have been lowered a bit, now going from 10 for rank C to 30 for rank X
the ‘grid overfull’ issue is still around, you can help Goldo fixing it by reporting as many deatils as you can if you stumble on it again.

As usual, new features may not work on old saves, in that case you should start a new game. Also, deleting rpyc files from /game folder can help avoiding some bugs.

Developer: Goldo
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.15b
Censorship: Yes (Mosaics)
Size: 362 mb
Download game: