The eWardrobe is set it in the near future, where pretty much everything is the same except most modern homes have a cloud-based electronic closet, which allows them to manage a huge clothing library. You play as the job-hunting Danny Jones, a young man who’s spending the summer at his aunt’s cottage in a new town. Danny didn’t bring any clothing him, and his aunt’s eWardrobe thinks he’s Sasha, his “partygirl” cousin.

Here’s the next update! The current file is The eWardrobe 0.5.5(d).

Reminder: If you are getting an error about “emailprotected” then try either redownloading the file with a different browser or playing in a different browser. We’ve identified this as a user-side bug and not one we can prevent on our end.

A lot has happened since we released the last update. We have a new artist in the mix, starting with five fresh images in the game’s early days.

The bulk of this update is spent on a date with Val (that’s not an exaggeration). I tried to really put a lot into it; femininity, outfit selection, gender and (of course) choices during the date itself all affect the outcome. Depending on what happens you can share your secret with Val. And maybe your body.

There’s a changelog below. I hope you all enjoy today’s update. I’ve done a hefty dent into the next one, and my goal is to have both Saturday and Sunday released at once.

– 24k new words
– 6 new renders, 4 of which are of Danny.
– M/F, M/F, F/F sex scenes (Danny is the F in the first one and the M in the second)
– Date with Val, return of Lyle

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 54 MB

Download game: