Big Kuyash v0.23

Big Kuyash
Big Kuyash

Big KuyashBig Kuyash

Big Kuyash
Big Kuyash
Big Kuyash
Big Kuyash

Big KuyashBig Kuyash

Big Kuyash This fairy tale of a young virgin is pure, that it steps into a new life full of dangers, difficulties and evil peasants. The story and the truth about the young girl, a few days as a graduate of the school in the village of Greater Kuyash. She lives alone with her mother, that for many years she worked and cared for her children and now terribly shy of men. Nature takes its own, but because mummified in the corners of the corners – there is a landmark GH housing. There is also a brother who dumped on the second big game location – the city of Andreevograd, but promised to return.?

Changelog: Big Kuyash
– Added a continuation of the events Petka fool
– added edge in the forest
– Added a new artifact
– with him added to the daily events in the forest
– with him added to the night events in the forest
– Tech. code change
– In kabluhe added gym
– In the private sector added a new house
– it made all the locations and minimal functions to live there
– I YY added a new skill “Cleaning”
– Added a new character James S.
– Added his card
– with him added kabluhe events
– events are added with him on the street
– with him in the kitchen added events
– events are added with him in the hall
– with him in the bedroom added events
– With it added events during repair
– with him added events during training
– with him added weekly specials
– Added a new job in a recreation center in the village
– In the operation added a mini system
– On the added event pack with customers
– Country Club
– Altered any old random encounters in it (they are now reusable)
– Added new random encounters
– Added extension events Leshim
– with it added more events at the club

Censored: No
Version: 0.23
Platform: Windows
Language: English, Russian
Size 9000 Mb