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-New commissions:
—Recapture. Also used for Sea Elf Female slaves.
-Miscellaneous additions:
—Added some race/corruption specific fondles as an alternative to the minimal text. If set to minimum only these won’t be shown. Specifically ones for Lago’Mae/Lago’Mae Ears Corruption, Ori’Nek, Lamia, Quintari/Centaurs/Quintari Tail Corruption, Kitsune, Neko/Neko Ears Corruption, Long Sinuous Tail Corruption, Prehensile Tail Corruption, and Marlsune. Includes variations based on obedience, whether the slaver is dominant or slutty, and some have more than one variation.
—Replaced the Arrogance Subjugated commission with an updated version generously provided by the artist.
—Added some extra description to the Sinuous Tail corruption to make clearer that it’s the traditionally demonic spaded tail look.
—Added a new heart-tipped tail corruption as I was in the area anyway, and noticed that it was an obvious omission that needed feeling. Comes in two different variations.
—Added some extra highlighted messages to slave mantras when they become fully embedded, improved, reduced, or are lost entirely for better visibility.
—Upgraded the prioritization of back tentacles if multiple tentacle options are available.
—Changed how forced encounters for repeated attempts work on the initial roller. Before it was possible for them to completely lose interest after getting max gold. Now they will be more likely to keep initiating, and be more likely than before if there’s a chance to earn more gold.
—Added a new Glossary to explain what effects Forced Encounters available under Glossary, Help, and Options.
-Bug fixes:
—Fix for an issue where the summonee and sibling second-in-command races, along with the siblings in the Birds of the Feather scenario could be overwritten incorrectly. Also changed the mention to needing Corrupter.
—Fix for an issue in dilemmas involving a respect check with more than one slaver involved where the instigating slaver’s name would be replaced by one of the others.
—Fix for Valendil Starlover’s lore page applying to all sea elf males when you’re playing him.
—Fix for Untamed Lusts not counting down for you.
—Fix for Demi-Angel/Fallen/Succubus with elven heritage not going the elven pussy description or elven flexibility racial.
—Fix for Savage Orc and Human Northerner racials where racials were incorrectly displayed.
—Fix for opportunities requesting male amazons or wanting amazons not to be human.
—Fix for the stats increasing for assignment types on fails and disasters.
—Fix for the Catastrophics on Price of Freedom for the slaves also affecting the two slavers.
—Fix for the various findable uniques not being counted as having unaltered assets.
—Fix for the missing extra values for slaves found from Meddling Fools and Spectacle of the Sacred.
—Fix for the new mechanic to trigger puppet leader when mental manipulation isn’t involved.
—Fix for Cutprice Roses > Armour > Maid generating a bunch of broken and unusable battlemaid outfits.
—Fix for Stats only showing your slaves sometimes. The trait slots were also using the wrong variable and so were displaying one person’s trait slots for everyone.
—Fix for which regions assignments have been completed not increasing which had broken the region based aspects.
—Fix for an issue where it was possible that not enough assignments would be generated.
—Fix for the unknown CT Error that could occur during Finish Day. It’s possible there’s others but I’ve definitely squished the one I could reliably reproduce.
—Fix for a far too high a bonus to Forced Encounters from Sissy/Bimbo.
—Some text fixes.

No Haven is a side game to the dungeon crawler Whorelock’s Revenge (formerly Deeper Dungeons: Enhanced). Here you have command of a small group of slavers initially and from there you can send out your men, woman, assorted fantasy races, monsters and so on out on various assignments to earn gold, supplies and slaves.?

Developer: Bedlam Games
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.912 Hotfix
Censored: No
Size: 114 mb

Download game:


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