Beaverdale Falls (Formerly Deliah’s School) v0.2.1


Beaverdale Falls

After breaking away from your family and the stresses of city life, you decide to strike out on your own and put your sordid past behind you. You find the quaintest town and enroll at a nearby college to finish your education. All you want to do is go to school, make some friends, and have a normal college experience with parties, girls, and stressing out for exams!

– Officially renamed our game to “Beaverdale Falls” instead of “Deliah’s School”
– Reworked script content (characters’ personality and content remains the same)
– Reworked most BG images
– Reworked Elizabeth (updated with a new scene)
– Added new character: Bethany
– Added new characters: Blonde Twins (Brandi and Candi)
– Minor UI changes
– Added new scenes for Alyss, Beatrice, Charize and Denise
– Added new content: Deliah’s Home Visit (with New Scenes)

Developer: DeviousDev
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.2.1
Censored: No
Size: 559 mb

Download game:


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