Armour v0.62 beta [Octopussy]


Amour is a game where you should hold position and shoot down your enemies with love from your guns, when they reach your character they should start sex scene with him
In game will be 5 monsters on each of 5 locations (25 monsters total) for first character – girl angel named Anaitis and 20 monsters total for second character.

-Added Jungle location
-Weapons module, now you can buy normal upgrades, special upgrades, which was works too!
-Weapons special upgrades, which allowed you to kill more enemies
*Fire-love bullets for pistol
*Piercing shoots for auto-rifle and sniper rifle
*Different ammo for shootgun
*Double arrows
*Guided rockets
-Enemies module, now they have armoring, special stats and special abilities
-Sportgirl can normally jump
-Lizardman can defend
-Birdman can finally normally flying
-Enemies will not aciddentally appear or disappear in middle of screen
-Reworked enemy spawning
-Improved bestiary, now it show information about enemies
-Improved animations using, now enemies who running get hit on another layer so it looks better
-Added some gravity for arrows
Animations & Graphics
-Improvements in main hero animation
-Animations of this monsters has been improved: sport girl, sportsman, birdman, lizardman
-Added 5 battle animations
-Added 5 ero animations
-Added animation in main menu
-Improvements in interface, now it looks better
*Changed main canvas (former teammate who ruined demo release used 160×90 canvas in game, lol, so I changed it to normal 1920×1080, and fix all buttons placements and size, it takes few days for me to fix it)
*Added new icons for upgrades
*Added some sfx to buttons
-Reworked University location, and mystic castle location
-Added stasis wall (And a sfx for teleporting enemies behind the wall)
-Added sfx of character appear on level
-Gallery interface
-Better gallery integration
-Fixed muzzlefire
-Added helper for first launch of game (you can delete this file “AppData\LocalLow\OctoPussy\AmourGame\data.dat” if you really-really want to see helper, because if you have a savefile she will not appear)
-Rebalanced all systems, now locations will have 5 levels instead of 10, reworked amount hp of some monsters, changed costs for weapons upgrades
-Added sounds to interface
Knowed new bugs:
– sometimes reloading strip bugs and not show that weapon reloading or etc. it works bot for bullets and shells, I not know what happens and at this moment can’t reproduce it to fix it

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 50 MB

Download game: