A Love Story Chapter 1 Remake + Incest Patch


A guy who couldn’t find enough courage to open up his feelings to his beloved one since 9 years. After his father died a year ago, he completely lost his courage and accepted to live the remainder of his life as a loner, lost all hope about Hannah. Your job is to help him to regain his self-confidence and finally tell Hannah that you love her. While doing that you can shape your personality with the choices you make and experience different events.?

+Visual update
+2 new animations with Olivia
-Prologue remake
+Visual update
-Chapter 2
+2 new Characters
+Allen’s house
+Reduced game size
-Chapter 1
+Character reworks
+Sound effects (Including sex)
+3 new Characters
+2 new Stats (Dignity and Confidence)
+You can not see the stats on choices anymore (Except sub&dom)

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 159 MB

Download game:


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