A Goblin’s Passion Version 0.1


A Goblin's Passion

So I’ve finally arrived in Darkwell! It was a long, rough journey but i had no choice.
My whole tribe was butchered by a group of Orcs from Carthuq!
I heard the Dark well’s population still has a high percentage of women due to recent wars,
which is why i decided to come here.
So if i manage to trick them into ingesting some of my cum, it’s not a hard task anymore to convince them to serve me.
I still have an ace up my sleeve though! Goblin cum has the feature of being extremely, addictive to human and elven women..Heh Heh

Developer: KilljoyAGP
Platform: Windows
Language: English
A Goblin’s Passion Version: 0.1
Censored: No
Size: 1200 mb

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