A Date With Bridgette Part 4


A Date With BridgetteA Date With Bridgette

A Date With Bridgette

A Date With Bridgette

A Date With BridgetteA Date With Bridgette

A Date With BridgetteA Date With Bridgette

You happened to get a new job at an educational institute where you met a couple of ladies. bridgette is an employee of that institute with whom you pursue a casual relationship. The whole game revolves around their dating adventure. The outcome depends entirely on the decisions made by the user. This game continues since the 3rd episode of bridgette series.

you will need to use your entry code from the end of that stage to continue. Alternatively, you can play through from the very start of the game as one continuous gameplay removing the requirement for codes. You can however ‘save’ your progress at each of the three checkpoints, and then skip stages if you wish. I’ve added a new Main Menu page to allow this option.
By this point you will have arrived at Bridgette’s apartment, and what can happen next is by far the most varied, detailed and extensive series of scenes I have ever created.
You have an enormous 116 achievements to discover in this stage. Most of these are variations of sexual achievements, including several different positions, multiple orgasms and cumshots. You can’t get all of them in one gameplay, but that’s kind of the point.
If Bridgette is in the right mood, then the more she will let you discover. If she isn’t then your visit will be cut short and you will probably need to go back and try things from another angle. It will take multiple playthroughs if you want to try absolutely everything with Bridgette.
And it’s not just Bridgette. As many of you may have guessed, Didi can also join you for some extra fun. The threesome scene has its own array of options and achievements to indulge yourself with.
Both of these girls are full of surprises!
Stage four adds another 4525 images to the first three parts. So in total there are now just over 11200 images in this game. I think that counts as being pretty big. Admittedly there are lots of animated images in this latest stage which does inflate the count somewhat, but it’s also due to the sheer variety I’ve designed into the game.

Developer: vDateGames
Version: Part 1-4
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Censored: No
Size: 3700 mb