A Better Tomorrow v0.04



“A Better Tomorrow” is a story-driven Visual Novel made in Ren’py. With a small dose of comedy, my goal is to touch more on the serious part of life. Mainly, telling a story of the main character and his struggle for a better future, overcoming hardship and failure. Ye, with over the top cliche characters and situations.

– new scenes main storyline
– added Mia’s room
– added Jenny’s room
– added Sophia’s room
– added new characters (an intro to their story and some hints to future quests)
– changes in dialogs for all character (grammatical mistake etc.)
– used Sam’s Image Compressor for smaller game size (I will use it in the future because the game is already 1.4gb… this version alone is almost big as all of the released versions till now. If by any means you want the uncompressed version, drop a comment.)

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 920 MB

Download game:


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